Corporate Gifts For Everyone, Every Occasion, Every Time.

Curated, customizable professional gifts—in one simple, streamlined spot. Greetabl is the best way to send gifts for your business.

Meet the mailbox moment that sparks sales.



Up to a 200% ROI when you integrate gifting into your marketing strategy.

25% Conversion Rate

With some campaigns seeing as high as 40% conversion.


Compared to traditional mail
house executions for direct
mail campaigns.

"A box with just
the right stuff."

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The New York Times

“All of the thought with none of the effort!”

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"When a card's
not enough"

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How It Works

Let us handle the heavy lifting.

Celebrate Your People, Seamlessly.

Greetabl was designed for businesses who want to make an impression, spark sales, nurture leads, and turn current clients into recurring (and raving!) ones—without spending tons of time or money.

Support Local Makers

Support small makers—without scouring hundreds of shops. Our gifts are sourced from independent makers across the country, and we can help select something from your community.

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Got Questions?

How do I get my order information to you?

Our goal is to make gifting as quick and easy as possible for you and your team! When you’re ready to get started sending your gifts, you’ll fill out a spreadsheet with your information, including your message, the recipient address, and your gift and design selections. Then we’ll upload your order to our system so that you don’t have to individually create each gift.

What is the lead time?

We process your order within two business days of getting your completed order information. From there, it takes a few more days to arrive based on your destination. Our average delivery time is around five and a half days.

What does a Greetabl look like?

Good things come in small packages! Each Greetabl is a 3x3x3 cube (not too big, not too small) and you can customize it with your own message and images. Your recipient gets a beautiful, personalized gift box that’s fun to open and reveals an exciting surprise inside—while you as the sender get a simple, affordable, and seamless way to make giving a gift card or small gift feel thoughtful and personal.

Can I personalize my gifts?

Every element of the Greetabl gift can be personalized for your audience. You can customize the design of the box to match your branding, add personalized messages to each gift with a simple mail merge, and even add custom photos to the inside of the box. When it’s time for a personalized gift your people will remember forever, it’s time for Greetabl.