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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I click "sign up"?

After you click sign up, you will fill out an agreement form to give us a little more information about your business and to commit to your program. Within one business day, you will receive an email from our team with your promo code to use on your orders and details about getting started. 

What does the free strategy call consist of?

During your strategy call, our team will get to know your goals and objectives so that we can set you up for success with your gifting program. We will show you how to use the most important features of our platform, share gifting recommendations, and provide insight into what has worked well for other financial advisors who use Greetabl. 

How does this contract work?

It's pretty simple! You'll commit to sending a certain number of gifts within 12 months and you'll receive a discount on all of your orders during that time. What if you send more gifts than you planned? No problem! You'll still receive the discount on those orders, as well. 

Can I change my plan later?

You can always upgrade to a higher tier later. Your contract will reset and you'll have 12 months to send the new quantity of gifts. Unfortunately, we cannot downgrade your plan after you've already signed up and started using the program. 

Can I send more / less than the amount for which I sign up?

We know that estimating the exact number of gifts you'll need may be challenging. You can always send additional gifts and still receive your discount on those orders! 

If you don't meet your contract minimum, you will be charged a flat fee for the additional gifts at the end of the contract period. We're happy to help with some creative suggestions to use your remaining gifts so they don't go to waste and you can also schedule your gifts to ship up to 90 days after your contract ends to give you some extra wiggle room. 

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